Using Apple diet can help you loose Weight!

Apple is one of the most popular fruit. Do not say how weakened by Apple. Obviously made ​​the most of last year, 2019 will be one of the best diets to do. Each person, according to every structure is changing course to lose weight ratios. But people who follow the diet is known to the average of two weeks to lose 10 kilos. So what is the apple diet?

2-week program also should drink 2 cups of warm water before breakfast definitely.


1 hard boiled egg, 1 slice of cheese, 3 olive greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc…, 1-2 slices of, whole wheat bread, tea without sugar or low-sugar, 2 hours after breakfast, 2 hours and 1 apple. During the day should be eaten a total of 5 or 6 apples. Apples will be green and medium-sized.


The Lunch meal from the chicken to drop your body resistance, you can eat.
2 cups a day next to the apple diet green tea and 2 liters of water. Operation in this manner is required to get used to the feed. Later that month, you can lose weight faster by doing sports. Note that the adjustment process can be a bit painful for you, but do not get rid of anything from the hands of perseverance. Apple is a fruit because it is rich in fiber will give you a fatigued body. After buying you’ll be more comfortable.

It is recommended to have green apples. Because the acid and fat burning rate is more satisfying because it is higher.
1. weight day -1
2. day – 1.5 kg
3. day – two kilos
4. day – two kilos
5. day – 1.5 kg
6. day – 1 kilo
7. day – 2 kilos of sour green apple is recommended to be consumed. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor before you start your diet. If you wish you can also get a list showing recommend this diet your doctor. Easy come …

You said intensive work schedule and cold weather thanks to the sedentary Did you nightmares occur hello again to your weight? Just do not be afraid a lot of time until the summer.


With the arrival of cold at home and at work, it is true that we are fond of our little stomach distress. If you have a few drinks the water, you have won! I had better read carefully before writing this article I can not wait. But remember that what diet you need to look no matter necessarily an expert.

– Our primary target is a 40-minute walk whatever the weather!

Alive and beautiful body of a 40-minute walk you can do is to have your costs and frustrations sinking both excess weights in your eyes. Also, remember to have, inevitably will occur while your body weight sags. Move, it will be seen by a bad image.

– We pay attention to our drinking our eating!

In the morning, 1 cup lemon juice detaching can start your day consuming toxins.

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