Reasons Why do Children Gain Weight?

Overweight and obesity problem is not only threatened by adults.

Studies show that overweight and reached a level that threatens the problem of obesity in our children.

Our children are becoming an overweight or obese answer to the why question ‘secret three wrong: the wrong diet, less physical activity than enough, genetic tendencies.

Children to fulfill our bodily functions, but also to sustain continuous growth and development of carbohydrate, protein and fat are required to obtain a balanced way and needs it. What carbohydrates (flour and sweet foods, vegetables, and fruits), what proteins (meat and meat products, milk and dairy products), nor oils (animal and vegetable oils) alone contain nutrients needed by your children.

Children not only to repair and maintain existing, to grow the proteins, in particular, but it is also in need of high biological value protein. A ‘food plan that includes much protein at the same time to sustain energy and energy required to accommodate the growth of their daily activities’ needs.

Should not forget that the energy needs of children vary according to age and sex, they should provide enough energy. While meeting the energy needs of calories exaggerates, or if you miss you escape extreme physical activity, as they do not require the calories they take your children to be overweight is inevitable. Genetically some problems, some diseases (thyroid gland failure, such as excessive work of the adrenal gland) is also possible to fatten your children.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Child More Weight?

Here is a good example: your children are examples you in determining food preferences. Before you show them the right way and balanced diet.

Treat positive and constructive: Overweight criticize your children, please motivated. The teaching, have noticed. The feel is an accurate and balanced diet, helping to stay healthy.

Avoid fast food items: Buying healthy foods, how to cook delicious and correctly, making a delightful effort into eating an enjoyable meal.

Eat meals together: the dining table to seat them necessarily. Convert dishes to a long and pleasant family conversation. Food and eating a pleasure, and there is a need farkettirin indispensable.

Reduce portions: chew slower and smaller portions help them acquire the habit of consuming long. Ask the small portions of food and beverage choices.

The skip breakfast: getting up a little earlier to prepare breakfast, if necessary, artificial breakfast with them, to make it a habit in your children a good breakfast to start the day fresh and fit. Breakfast to children getting fat is easier, more difficult to learn and easier to mental health is deteriorating.

Direct physical activity: Create fun activities you can do with them. Walking together, plan a bike trip to the football game or the garden. Tennis for permanent physical activity habits to acquire, swim, ski or redirect the ball game. Try to acquire the responsibility of the athlete.

The use of some phrases: Diet does, count calories, run every morning or evening, desserts, salty and, to ban ice cream, pies, cakes, pastries, forget the buns … the ban yourself these and similar phrases.

Uses do not support any weight reduction: There is no reliable support for children who are allowed to use. And are allowed to use as a prescription drug used in reducing the weight of 16 years of age is not recommended for use in children.

Taken under the school feeding followed: the food given at school, trying to track whether healthy snack foods taken from the school canteen. Follow the guidelines are not enough teachers in the school is moving.

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